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Alt Penedés - Land Cavas

una casa histórica

A unique place with lots of history

"El Castell" is a fortified manor house dating from 1600 and was built within the confines of a walled enclosure of the XIV century. At first it worked like a medieval oil production center.
Originally owned by Guerau Peguera, political, military and captain of the Coronela of Barcelona in the late seventeenth century. Nominated in 1710 by King Charles III of France as Marqués de Foix and also known as the Baron of Rocafort. In 1704 his son Antoni de Peguera i Aimeric, ambassador of King Charles III, signed with England the Pact of Genoa against interests of King Philip V of Spain, which gave him a
some importance within the historical context of the time.

This house, now listed as a municipal historical heritage and known as

"El Castell", was acquired in 1906 by individuals who made several excavations to locate documents and valuables inside the enclosure.

This search left as a souvenir a set of important passages in underground historical value of the estate.

Since 2002 this building was restored and transformed into a place of rest and tranquility for guests.

In the Alt Penedès, one of the most important wine regions of the country and 13 km from Vilafranca del Penedès, "El Castell" is located in Torrelles de Foix, a quiet village with many natural sources and routes for walking.

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