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Alt Penedés - Land Cavas

Meetings, meetings, weekend retreats, workshops, conferences ...




The Castell offers spaces for carrying out activities for companies or individuals looking for a quiet corner where they want to impart meetings, workshops, conferences, courses or any other activity to be agreed upon (MICE).

We have the Sala AYNI located in the garden, surrounded by a natural and quiet environment.
Features: Octagonal room of 60m2, diaphanous, 360 brightness, shutters regulating lighting, projection screen, flipchart, small service area for coffee break, chairs and desks, wifi, minicadena

In summer time we have an outdoor dining area under a pergola where you can make meals for up to 40 people. Restricted use of music devices in this area.

We also have a Medieval Hall inside to hold events related to music and dance for a maximum of 17 people. Limited hours.

When necessary, there are spaces located a few minutes walk away, where recreational activities can be carried out in addition to those implemented in the house.

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