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Alt Penedés - Land Cavas

Good to know...

The Castell is not included in the modality of " Integral House ", in the case of accommodation without kitchen rights. We give the option of half board or full board, apart from suggesting restaurants in the surroundings.


We have parking available inside the farm, which facilitates the customer to unload luggage and avoid parking your vehicle away from the accommodation.


It is not allowed to use the pool during night time, being possible only between 9 and 21 h.


We do not allow the use of music equipment in the exterior, with the aim of respecting the tranquility of other guests and surroundings.


We try to avoid as much as possible that clients who come with children and pets, interrupt the rest of other guests at night, previously establishing their location.


We have in the garden some cats that walk eventually. They are cats accustomed to human contact, but in cases of people who may feel uncomfortable, we suggest looking for other accommodation.


We set a time limit for entering the accommodation at night (0:30), except in special cases.


Although the Hotel is in the town center of the town, its surroundings are mostly surrounded by nature.


The Taxi Service that we offer will be subject to availability of the driver.

According to municipal regulations it is not allowed to use the barbecue in the summer season, for fire risk and in any case on prior request.

El Castell is a business that offers MICI company events (meetings, incentive, conferencing, exhibitions)

Facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

It is essential to advise the accommodation with pet when the reservation is made.

Facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

From 22 hours do not make noise out of respect to those who are in the place.

The pool is operational from June 15 to October 15, except in cases of water restrictions for weather reasons, as is the case in 2023. Consult in this case.

You should always check the availability of the moment since it can vary according to portal and web calendars.

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